This isn’t your usual gamer blog. You won’t find us talking about the latest video game release or the most recent World of Warcraft content, here. We just talk about food.

So why are we doing this?

Well, let’s be honest. Gamers aren’t exactly known for their healthy eating habits, right? It’s all too easy to rush into your living space after a long day, throw a Hot Pocket into the microwave, and slide into your computer chair for an evening of smashing pixels… with other pixels. The problem with that isn’t the fact that you like to game, it’s that what you’re eating… probably isn’t really good for you.

We’re here to help.

We are dedicated to providing awesome meal recipes that are easy to make, and usually require little or no preparation or time spent monitoring your cooking, with easy-to-follow instructions, and no hard-to-find ingredients. The best part is, these recipes aren’t being provided by professional chefs (or if they are, we don’t know it); they’re gamers, just like you.

So pause your game, pull up a chair, and check out our recipes – we’re sure you’ll find something you’re going to love!