Okay, so maybe “Rules” is too harsh of a term. Basically, these are requests, since we’ve got to take your word for it, though there are some things that each submission must have. (TL;DR version comes first.)

  1. A clever name.
  2. The category it belongs to.
  3. An appetizing photo.
  4. Complete ingredient list
  5. Thorough directions for preparation.
  6. Credit or source for the recipe
  7. Your name, game name/handle, and server

Let’s break this down a bit.

1) Give your submission a clever and unique name! Use a skill from World of Warcraft (or your favorite game) to give us insight into you as a submitter! Just be sure to use something that wouldn’t be construed as copyrighted in any way - this means that Curiously Tasty Omelet is out, but What’s In This Again? (based on the Curiously Tasty Omelet from World of Warcraft) is fine. Oh, and try to keep the names clean - innuendo is okay, but outright crudeness isn’t.

2) Include the category it’s going to appear under – either Raid Night Recipes or Picnic Basket Recipes (check here for the difference if you’re not sure). Also, please let us know if it will be a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Side/Salad, Dessert or Beverage (no alcohol, please) item.

3) Don’t just tell us about it! Make it! Give us a picture! Make it look appetizing! People are less likely to try something if they don’t know what it looks like (or what it’s supposed to look like). If you can’t include a photo, that’s alright – your submission just won’t be posted immediately (it will have to be prepared and photographed first by one of our authors).

4) Doublecheck your recipe before you submit it, and make sure all of the ingredients are included; it doesn’t do anyone any good to have cinnamon sugar toast if you’ve left the cinnamon out. Also, try to keep your submissions simple; we don’t want the readers to have to spend three hours trekking all over town to find a $20-per-ounce spice that they’ll only use once or twice a year.

5) Directions are key; make sure they’re complete, and easy to understand. You don’t have to go into incredible detail (if someone doesn’t know what “mince” means, we’ll try to provide a link for such words), but make sure that everything is accurate. If someone uses salt when you listed sugar for a cherry pie recipe, however, that’s on them. Also, try to include any helpful hints or substitutions wherever they might apply (if you have them).

6) If it’s a family recipe, that’s awesome! If you got it from another source, though, that’s okay – just please tell us where so that we can give proper credit to the website/book/newspaper that the recipe came from.

7) Be sure to include your name or game name, server and your website (if you have one!) – we want to be able to give you credit for your submission!

A final note: Be aware that your submissions may be edited and may not appear as you submitted them – this is at the discretion of our authors (Anea and Etherjammer) as well as the administrator (Pixelated Executioner).