Welcome to Nourish!

Despite the name, this blog was created with all gamers in mind, from the Console Consiglieres to the Desktop Desperados, from the FPS Fraternity to the MMO Membership.

As gamers ourselves, we are all too aware that there are (probably too many) times where you just don’t have the time or the interest to make a good meal for yourself, and instead choose from a wide selection of Hot Pockets or other microwaveable meals, or worse – fast food. While it serves as a quick and easy solution, it usually falls under one of two categories: not really healthy, or not that delicious, right?

We want to help.

Here, we’ll provide plenty of easy-to-make recipes, listed under one of two major categories: Raid Night Recipes, for those nights when you don’t have a lot of time to cook or prep, but want something good to eat while you’re crashing about online or on your TV; and Picnic Basket Recipes, for those with more time to cook or prep, but still want a quick and easy meal to make.

Our authors and recipe-submitters aren’t professional chefs (well, okay, maybe some of them might be, but we don’t know for sure), but are gamers as well - people with limited time on their hands who love their game but also love to cook and share their recipes with everyone. That way, you know you’re not being handed some complex recipe that will require you to go out and find obscure spices or be able to juggle cast-iron skillets or something ridiculous like that. The name of the game is fast, easy, and healthy (or in the case of desserts, healthier, maybe) here at Nourish!

So once again, welcome to Nourish! We hope you enjoy what you find!